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My parents and I moved away from Iowa during my senior year in high school. Can I be considered a Resident?

Yes, but here is what you need to know.  A financially dependent student whose parents move out of Iowa during the student's senior year of high school will be considered a Resident provided the student has not established domicile in another state and enrolls in the Fall semester immediately following his or her May/June Iowa high school graduation.  Since the Office of Admissions will probably initially classify you as a Non-resident, you should be prepared to submit your own Application for Resident Classification.  It is impor

Do I need a ticket to attend UNI's commencement ceremony?

No, you do not need a ticket to attend UNI's commencement ceremony. Seating is general admission, and free and open to the public. If you, or someone you know, is in need of special accommodations, please contact Irene Elbert, Office Coordinator, in the Office of the Registrar for more information. Irene can be contacted at or at (319) 273-2216.
For more information related to Commencement, please click here.

My transcript has not yet been received. How long must I wait?

If a transcript is not received within 2 weeks following the date it was sent from our office, it will be sent again at no charge to the student.  We request that you check with the receiver to be sure that they have not received it and verify that the address provided was correct before calling our office to have transcripts re-sent. 

My name is not appearing on the Dean's List even though I meet the qualifications. How do I rectify the issue?

If ANY directory information has been suppressed with a record, the Office of University Relations will not print the student's name in their local newspaper. All questions can be directed to Diane Wallace at or 319-273-2923.

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I will be missing class and need my professors notified, what do I do?

If a student will be missing 3 or more days of class and have a legitimate reason to be missing those class meetings, the Office of the Registrar will notify professors by email that the student will not be in class.  Anything less than 3 days requires that the student notify their instructors themselves.  Please email or call 319-273-2241 for notification to be sent.

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How long after graduation do I have access to MyUNIverse, UNI email, and my online grade report?

Students will have access to their MyUNIverse account for life, email for 9 months following graduation, and online grade report for 3 semesters following graduation. Fall 2010 graduates forward will have access to their UNI e-mail account indefinitely.  Password resets may be done through the Computer Consulting Center at 319-273-5555. 

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