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How do I request that certain directory information not be released without my written authorization?

Directory information may be suppressed under the privacy tab in MyUNIverse or by submitting a signed release to the Office of the Registrar to release/suppress your information. Please note that suppression of any item of directory information will prevent publication of your name for Dean's List, and may prevent you from receiving information from academic departments, honoraries, service organizations and so forth.

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When will diplomas be mailed out?

Your diploma and internal grade report will be mailed to your home address (given on the Commencement RSVP) at the end of the month following your graduation date, after grades have been reported by the faculty and eligibility for graduation has been determined. If you wish for your diploma to be mailed to a different address after submitting your graduation application, please notify Kristin Soppe. Kristin can be contacted at or call 319-273-2278.

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What do I do to obtain course description information? How do I obtain a class syllabus?

Course descriptions from 2012 to present are available on the Academic Catalog web page.

If you are requesting a course description prior to 2012, please fill out the Course Description Request Form.

 If a student is in need of a class syllabus they must contact the designated department of that course. 

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How do I find out if a course I take at a community college will transfer to UNI?

Credit earned at regionally accredited college and universities is generally acceptable for transfer.  Credit in courses determined by Northern Iowa to be of a remedial, vocational, or technical nature, or credit in courses or programs in which the institution granting the credit is not directly involved, may not be accepted, or may be accepted to a limited extent.  For schools not regionally accredited, the current issue of Transfer Credit Practices of Selected Educational Institutions, published by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO

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I'm trying to drop my only class online and the system will not allow me to do so. What should I do?

A student who has registered but decides not to come to the University of Northern Iowa should complete the Withdrawal form or contact the Office of the Registrar (319-273-2241 or as early as possible, listing the reasons for withdrawing from the university. WITHDRAWAL AFTER CLASSES BEGIN WILL RESULT IN A TUITION CHARGE. If you received financial aid from the university all or part of this aid may have to be repaid.

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How do I apply for readmission after suspension?

Students who have been suspended may be readmitted only after applying for readmission in writing and receiving favorable action on the application from the Committee on Admission and Retention. Applications for readmission may be secured from, and filed with, the secretary of the Committee on Admission and Retention in the Office of the Registrar.

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