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Late Grade Submission

faculty member and student

Fall 2016 final grades must be entered into the system by
1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 21, 2016.

In the event that a faculty member does not have their Final Grade Roster completed and approved by the deadline, they must follow the procedures below:

  • Complete the Final Grade Roster and change the Approval Status of the Final Grade Roster to "Approved." Then, save the Roster.
  • Screen print a copy of the Final Grade Roster, and take it to your Department Head to sign. Note. This is similar to previous terms when Department Head signatures were required on late Grade Sheets.
  • After obtaining your Department Head's signature, please submit the Final Grade Roster to our office during regular business hours.
    • Our contact information is available by clicking here.

Final grades approved after the deadline will not be posted to students' records for that course until the signed Final Grade Roster has been submitted to our office.

The Following Contacts are Available for Assistance with Final Grade Entry:

Helpful Resources

Key Contacts:
  • Diane Wallace - (319) 273-2923
  • Patti Rust - (319) 273-2113
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