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What is the University's name change policy? How do I change my name?

The name on the student record should be the student's complete and legal name.  In evaluating and processing all name changes, the University reserves the right to require adequate and appropriate documentation, as warranted. 

A name change request may be processed through a signed request form or an official application for admission or employment at the University.  Additional documentation is not required for name changes due to marriage, divorce, or for changes to or from a formal name or initial.  Additional documentation is required to alter the order of name, to change the spelling, add a title, delete or hyphen to an existing name, or completely change name. 

Additional documents would include a court-approved name change document or two or more signed forms of identification such as:  social security card, driver's license, birth certificate, adoption papers, passport, permanent resident card, selective service card, marriage license, or citizenship papers. (RRAO, 1993)

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