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I was determined to be a Non-resident. How can I appeal?

A Non-resident decision made by staff in the Office of the Registrar after review of your signed application for Resident Classification for Tuition and Fee Purposes may be appealed to the Non-resident Review Committee.

You must write a letter stating that you are appealing the Non-resident decision, explaining your situation and providing any additional information you feel may help the Committee when it reviews your case.  this letter must be submitted to the:

Office of the Registrar

115 Gilchrist Hall

Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0006

After your letter of appeal is received, you will receive a letter informing you of the next committee meeting-where and when it will be held-and asking you to respond in advance whether or not you plan to attend.  Some students choose to attend the meeting at which their appeal is considered.  Others do not. 

Your application, related materials and letter of appeal will be distributed to the Committee members for their review prior to the scheduled meeting.

If you choose to attend:  at the meeting, the members of the Committee (faculty and University administrators) will introduce themselves to you.  You'll have time to tell them about yourself and why you think you should receive Resident status for tuition purposes.  They may ask you questions or to expand on things you wrote on your initial application or supplemental materials.  You will be dismissed from the meeting. 

If you choose not to attend, the Committee will review your materials in your absence.

The Committee will then decide how to proceed- up hold the previous (Non-resident) decision, overturn that decision based on outstanding circumstances, or ask you for further documentation, proof, etc. before any action is taken. 

Usually, you will receive a letter signed by the Committee chair within about 3-5 days.

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