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What is the proper care of records that contain confidential or personally identifiable information about a student?

The Proper Care and Custody of Confidential Records Includes:

  • Not leaving records on desks or tables where others can see them.
  • Securing computer screens so that people who come to your work area cannot see student information.
  • Not placing copiers, fax machines, or printers in non-secure locations.
  • Disposing of papers that contain private information in a secure way (e.g., shredding).
  • Not sharing your personal passwords or system passwords.
  • Not distributing grades, transcripts, or degree audits for purposes of advisement in plan view or open mailboxes located in public areas.

For more information related to FERPA, please go to FERPA Information and Training under the Faculty and Staff tab or go to Notification of Rights Under FERPA under the Students tab.

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