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Can a student see everything in their educational record?

Students have the right to see everything in their "education record," except:

  • Information about other students.
  • Financial records of parents.
  • Confidential letters of recommendation if they waived their right of access.

FERPA does not prescribe what records are created or how long they are to be kept; however, you cannot destroy a record if there is a request to inspect and review. It is important to know and understand the institution's records retention policy.

This federal law also provides guidelines for appropriately using and releasing student education records. It is intended that students' rights be broadly defined and applied. Therefore, consider the student as the "owner" of the information in his or her education record, and the institution as the "custodian" of that record.

For more information related to FERPA, please go to FERPA Information and Training under the Faculty and Staff tab or go to Notification of Rights Under FERPA under the Students tab.



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