Office of the Registrar

What tips can you provide me in order to successfully complete the Application for Resident Classification?

Individuals interested in establishing themselves as Residents for tuition and fee purposes are strongly encouraged to discuss their plans with staff in the Office of the Registrar.  You should review the process, fully understand the requirements and have your questions answered. 

You are also advised to continue (or begin) the habit of maintaining good personal financial records.  In response to your submitted Application for Resident Classification, you may be asked to submit documentation, including (but not limited to) copies of employment pay stubs showing state taxes withheld, a copy of your lease, copies of previously-submitted income tax forms, drivers license, notarized affidavits, etc.

If you move, current students should change their address using their MyUNIverse account.  Others are strongly encouraged to keep the University apprised of any change in their residence, too. 

You should remember that it is possible to qualify as a resident of Iowa for such purposes as voting or holding an Iowa driver's license and still not meet the requirements as established by the Board of Regents to be classified as a resident for tuition and fee purposes.

Also, the burden of establishing that you are in the state for a reason other than education is upon you, the student.