Office of the Registrar

If I enroll part-time or less, as is required to establish Residency, what - in addition to Financial Aid - will be affected?

By adjusting your enrollment, your eligibility for the various financial aid programs could change.  Prior to reducing your enrollment, you should discuss your plans with a counselor in the Office of Student Financial Aid so that you fully understand the financial implications.  You should also investigate the potential impact on any scholarships you are receiving.  The Office of Financial Aid can be contacted by calling 319-273-2700 or email

It is possible that you would no longer be eligible for the health insurance that currently covers you.  If you plan to live in UNI Housing (residence halls), you should be certain your intended future enrollment plans will qualify you to live there.  Your parents will need to thoroughly investigate the implications of no longer claiming you as a dependent on their state income tax returns.  This list is not definitive.  You are responsible for determining whether pursuing resident classification is in your best interest.