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PAWSitive Impact Newsletter Fall 2013

Posted on Friday, October 18th, 2013
News and Announcements
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Dates to Remember
Date to Remember: 
<p><b>November 1</b> - <i>Last Day to Drop a Full-Semester Course Without an "F"</p></i>
<p><b>November 4</b> - <i>Spring 2014 Advance Registration Begins</p></i>
<p><b>November 5</b> - <i>Last Day to Drop Second Half-Semester Course Without an "F"</p></i>
<p><b>November 10</b> - <i>Last Day to Apply for Fall 2013 Graduation to Get Into the Commencement Program</p></i>
<p><b>November 22</b> - <i>Thanksgiving Vacation Begins</p></i>
<p><b>December 2</b> - <i>Instruction Resumes</p></i>
<p><b>December 16</b> - <i>Final Exams Begin</p></i>
<p><b>December 20</b> - <i>Semester Ends</p></i>
<p><b>December 21</b> - <i>Commencement - 11:00 a.m. - McLeod Center</p></i>
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