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Key Dates for Summer 2014 Applications for Graduation

Posted on Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

If you are interested in applying to graduate Summer 2014, the table below provides key dates for undergraduate and graduate students to know.

Undergraduate Students
Last day to submit the Application for Graduation online without a Late Fee

Not applicable

July 1

Last day to submit an Application for Graduation online

August 1

August 1

Note. Student will be assessed the Graduation Fee and the Graduation Fee - Late Application.

Cannot apply online. You must contact the appropriate Record Analyst for assistance

August 2 - September 4

Not applicable 
Summer 2014 Applications for Graduation are no longer accepted

September 5 and Beyond

August 2 and Beyond

How to Appeal: Submit a Graduate Student Request (Type Z) at the same time the Application for Graduation is submitted that explains why it was not possible to have submitted the Application for Graduation on time.

Note. Waiting to see if the paper is going to be approved, or if comps are passed, are not considered acceptable reasons to apply late.

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