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Closed Courses

Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

With registration coming up, students are worried about getting into the classes that they need for the upcoming semester. The biggest concern is what should be done if the course is closed.
If a class is closed, the Office of the Registrar can add you into it. Students just need to complete an “Add/Drop” slip. These forms are available in our office as well as at some academic departments across campus. Students simply need to complete the form and get the appropriate signatures. The tricky part is, how do I know which signatures I need?
On our website we have a link called “Closed Class Approvals.” This link has a long list of all of the course subject areas. Simply find the course subject area in the first column and then look in the second column to find the approvals that you need to be added into the course. Don’t know how to contact them or find their office? Simply look in the third and fourth columns to find their contact information.
After getting the signatures that you need, bring the form to the Office of the Registrar and one of the student employees in the reception area would be more than happy to add the class for you.

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