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Effective Study Strategies

Posted on Friday, September 10th, 2010

Establishing a Schedule

Time is the most valuable resource that a student has. The value of establishing, and sticking to, a schedule cannot be emphasized enough. A good schedule, if properly managed, helps you manage your use of time in an effective manner.

Do not underestimate the value of an extra 15 or 30 minutes here or there! Instead, plan your entire day, and make sure that you use any extra time that you have in a productive manner. Your success starts and ends with you!

When/Where to Study

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." Cramming for an examination, or starting to write a paper an hour or two before it is due are ineffective study strategies. Make sure that you set aside plenty of time to study well in advance.

Additionally, when you sit down to study, you should be well rested, alert, prepared, and have the mindset that it is time to study. Remove yourself from as many distractions as possible (e.g., If you find yourself continually logging onto Facebook, find a quiet study area that is free of computers). Choosing a good physical environment in which to study will be part of your success as a student.

Getting the Main Idea

One of the key components to your success as a students will be reading efficiently and taking good notes. Each section of your textbook has a main idea/theme, and each subsequent paragraph has important details that support the main thesis. Drawing links between the main idea and the supporting details will help you when it comes to test time - especially if you have to write an essay!

When taking notes, it is important that they are well legible and logically organized. Making use of an outline format will help you better understand the relationships between various points that the instructor is making. Additionally, it is highly beneficial to have one notebook per class (as opposed to one notebook for all of your classes); in this way, all of your notes are stored in a single location, and you do not risk missing sections of your notes come text time.

Utilizing the Resources Available to You

There are a multitude of resources that are available to you on campus! Proactively seeking out and utilizing these resources is an important component of your overall success here at UNI. Please click here to read about many of the resources that may be of use to you!

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