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How to View Your Enrollment Appointment

Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Viewing your Enrollment Appointment is as easy as following these simple steps!

Follow these simple steps:

1. Log into MyUNIverse

2. Click on the "Student Center" tab

3. Click "Go to my Student Center"

4. Once inside your student center, see the "Enrollment Dates" box on the upper right hand side of your page.

5. Inside that box, you will most likely see your Spring appointment. Click "details."

6. It will ask you to select a term. Select "Spring 2013." (If you do not see this term, contact our office at 319 273 2241).

7. Once you have selected the appropriate term, your date and time will show up.


*Reminder: Your date/time is based off of the credit load that you have completed! This does not include the courses that you are currently enrolled in, as you have not yet completed them.

Seniors: 90+ credits

Juniors: 60-89 credits

Sophomore: 31-59 credits

Freshman: 0-30 credits

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