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Schedule of Classes to Change

Posted on Friday, September 10th, 2010

You will see many changes when Fall 2011 Schedule of Classes is released!

Expanded Search Capabilities

Search capabilities on the Schedule of Classes will be expanded, so that you can search not only by subject, course number, and course meeting time, but also by meeting day of the week, instructor, course title keywords, instruction mode, and course attribute (e.g., LAC category, honors, writing enhanced, etc.) just to name a few!

Textbooks and Supplemental Course Materials Listed

Information about textbooks and supplemental course materials will be made available at the section level of the Schedule of Classes. You're probably wondering what information you will see exactly. Well, the ISBN and retail price will be included. When the ISBN is not available, we will provide the author, title, publisher, and copyright date. If such disclosure is not possible, the designation will be, "To Be Determined." This benefits you financially by ensuring that you have plenty of time to shop around for affordable textbooks!

Academic Course Renumbering

The current department numbers and three digit course numbers that you have come to know (e.g., 400:001) will be changing to an alpha-numeric combination (e.g., PSYCH 1001). The 2010-2012 University Catalog has both sets of course numbers. A "crosswalk" is currently being developed that will display what the current numbers are and what they will be changing to; it will be made available in the middle of the Fall 2010 semester to the university community on our website and form the University Catalog website. Please be checking the "announcements" on our website for more information pertaining to academic course renumbering. 

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