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Summer Registration

Posted on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Summer registration is beginning soon and taking summer courses is an option that students can consider. However, summer can be a little confusing due to different terms summer courses are offered. Summer courses will be in one of these categories:

  • May 4 Week May 13th – June 7
  • May/June 6 Week May 13 – June 21
  • June 4 Week June 10 – July 5
  • June/July 8 Week June 10 – August 2
  • June/July 6 Week June 24 – August 2
  • July 4 Week July 8 – August 2

With these unusual terms, how many credit hours can a student take? The maximum number of credit hours depends on which term your courses are in. The maximum number of credits you can take is the same as the number of weeks in the session. For example, if you are taking a May 4-week course, you could take up to 4 credit hours.
If you have any questions regarding Summer registration just contact our office at 319-273-2241 or

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