Office of the Registrar

Readmission from Academic Suspension

Undergraduate Students

An undergraduate student who has been placed on Academic Suspension may be readmitted after one calendar year and only after applying for readmission and receiving favorable action on the application from the Committee on Admission, Readmission, and Retention.

Applications for Readmission from Academic Suspension should be filed with the Secretary of the Committee on Admission, Readmission, and Retention, Brenda Buzynski, in the Office of Enrollment Management. Please note that the completed Application for Readmission from Academic Suspension and all supporting documents must be received by the Secretary at least seven calendar days prior to the beginning of the term for which the student is requesting enrollment. Failure to provide the Application for Readmission from Academic Suspension, and supporting documentation, within the specified timeline will result in a delay in the review materials by the members of  the CARR.  

It is strongly recommended that students read the Procedure for Applying for Readmission and the Committee on Admission and Retention prior to filling out and submitting their application for consideration.

An undergraduate student who is readmitted after Academic Suspension will be placed on Academic Probation following Suspension beginning with the semester immediately following his/her return to UNI. A student who has been readmitted following Academic Suspension must earn a minimum UNI semester GPA of 2.00 for each semester after being readmitted until his/her UNI cumulative GPA reaches 2.00 or higher. While on Academic Probation following Suspension, the student will be limited to 14 credit hours for the semester.

Academic Suspension for a second time is considered permanent. Only the most extenuating circumstances would warrant consideration for readmission from Academic Suspension a second time.

Undergraduate students wishing to discuss the Undergraduate Academic Standing Policy at UNI, or seeking information regarding readmission after Academic Suspension, may make an appointment with Brenda Buzynski, Office of Enrollment Management, Gilchrist 115 or call 319-273-3456

Graduate Students

Graduate students who have been placed on Graduate Suspension must go through a different process for readmission to graduate study. If you are a graduate student, please contact the Graduate College for further information.