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Committee on Admission and Retention

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Membership of the Committee on Admission and Retention include faculty representatives from each of the academic colleges who were selected by fellow faculty. Other members of the Committee are appointed to represent selected administrative offices.

The University feels a special obligation to the dedicated and capable student who is earnestly pursuing a college education. Those making satisfactory academic progress and comply with all other university standards have the right to continue their studies. When a student's academic performance is seriously deficient, he/she is subject to academic suspension at the end of a term. Academic suspension from the University for academic reasons is not intended to be punitive. Academic deficiencies serious enough to result in suspension is an indication of a student's need to reassess personal educational objectives, capabilities, and readiness. This reassessment is often best achieved outside the academic setting or in an academic environment different from the UNI campus.

The period of suspension identified by policy should be utilized by the student as a time for serious consideration and self-evaluation to abilities, academic preparation, and goals. Committee members encourage students under academic suspension to develop and prepare a written plan outlining the manner in which he/she intends to repair his/her academic record and meet requirements to achieve academic success and one's educational goals.

This gives reason for Committee members to be especially hesitant to approve a request for readmission to an immediate subsequent term. Committee members, individually and collectively, must observe reasonable evidence to justify making an exception to approve an individual's request for return prior to one year following suspension.

It is important to have it understood that members of the Committee on Admission and Retention do not suspend a student. The University faculty, over an extended period of time, established policy regarding eligibility for enrollment. The academic achievement of all students is monitored at the end of every term. Students with fourteen or more grade points deficient of a 2.00 grade index are suspended. The Committee on Admission and Retention's responsibility and involvement in an individual's academic situation does not begin until such time a student submits a formal Application for Readmission.

The letter giving notice of academic suspension clearly notes that, by policy, the individual is expected to be away from the University for at least one year. Academically suspended students are not encouraged to enroll elsewhere until there is good reason to believe that academic success is likely. It is, therefore, very important for students electing to attend another school while under academic suspension at UNI realize the importance that they achieve a level of academic success at that school that clearly demonstrates that better quality academic work may be expected in the future were the student to be permitted to return to UNI.

Students wishing to discuss probation/suspension policy at UNI, or seeking information regarding return after suspension, may make an appointment with Mary Baumann, Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar.

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