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General Information Regarding Residency

  1. A person enrolling at one of the three state universities shall be classified as a resident or non-resident for admission, tuition, and fee purposes by the registrar or someone designated by the registrar. The decision shall be based upon information furnished by the student and other relevant information.

  2. In determining resident or non-resident classification, the issue is essentially one of why the person is in the state of Iowa. If the person is in the state primarily for educational purposes, that person will be considered a non-resident. For example, it may be possible that an individual could qualify as a resident of Iowa for such purposes as voting, or holding an Iowa driver's license, and not meet the residency requirements as established by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa for admission, tuition and fee purposes.

  3. The registrar, or designated person, is authorized to require such written documents, affidavits, verifications, or other evidence deemed necessary to determine why a student is in Iowa. The burden of establishing that a student is in Iowa for other than educational purposes is upon the student.

    A student may be required to file any or all of the following:

    1. A statement from the student describing employment and expected sources of support;

    2. A statement from the student's employer;

    3. A statement from the student's parents verifying non-support and the fact that the student was not listed as a dependent on tax returns for the past year and will not be so listed in future years;

    4. Supporting statements from persons who might be familiar with the family situation;

    5. Iowa state income tax return.

  4. Change of classification from non-resident to resident will not be made retroactive beyond the term in which application for resident classification is made.

  5. A student who gives incorrect or misleading information to evade payment of non-resident tuition shall be subject to serious disciplinary action and must also pay the non-resident tuition for each term previously attended.

  6. Review Committee. These regulations shall be administered by the registrar or someone designated by the registrar. The decision of the registrar to designated person may be appealed to a University Review Committee. The finding of the Review Committee may be appealed to the state Board of Regents, State of Iowa.


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