Office of the Registrar


What tips can you provide me in order to successfully complete the Application for Resident Classification?

Individuals interested in establishing themselves as Residents for tuition and fee purposes are strongly encouraged to discuss their plans with staff in the Office of the Registrar.  You should review the process, fully understand the requirements and have your questions answered. 

I have been living and working in Iowa in order to establish Residency. How do I notify you I am finished with the process?

You are responsible for completing and submitting a simple, two-page Application for Resident Classification.  There is no charge to submit this form.  Applications are due no later than the 15th class day of the semester or session for which you are applying. 

If I enroll part-time or less, as is required to establish Residency, what - in addition to Financial Aid - will be affected?

By adjusting your enrollment, your eligibility for the various financial aid programs could change.  Prior to reducing your enrollment, you should discuss your plans with a counselor in the Office of Student Financial Aid so that you fully understand the financial implications.  You should also investigate the potential impact on any scholarships you are receiving.  The Office of Financial Aid can be contacted by calling 319-273-2700 or email

What do I need to do in order to establish myself as an Iowa Resident for tuition and fee purposes?

If you want to establish residency for tuition and fee purposes, you would have to live in Iowa for 12 consecutive months.  During those 12 months, you could be registered no more than half-time at any institution in the state.  For an undergraduate student, this would be no more than six semester hours during the Fall semester, six semester hours during the Spring semester, and no more than four semester hours total during the Summer sessions.  For a graduate student, this means enrollment not exceeding 5-5-4 semester hours.  This enrollment maximum is cumulative enrollment in Iowa.  It in

I came to Iowa from Ohio, and attend a community college as a Resident. When I enroll at UNI, will I be classified as a Resident?

No, not necessarily.  Students at the community colleges may be eligible to be classified as Residents at those schools after just 90 days in the State.  The State Administrative Code holds students at UNI (ISU in Ames and UI in Iowa City) to other, stricter standards. 

My parents are divorced. My dad lives in Iowa, and my mom and I live out-of-state. Do I qualify as a Resident?

Maybe.  You should submit an Application for Resident Classification so that we can look into which parent claims you as a dependent on state resident income taxes, and which parent provides the majority of your financial support.  This is also the case if one of your parents works in Iowa and you live with your other parent outside of Iowa.

I am a current UNI student who was born/raised in Iowa. My parents are moving out-of-state, do I now pay Non-resident tuition?

No, but here is what you need to know.  A financially-dependent student whose parents move out of Iowa after the student begins attending UNI classes remains a Resident provided the student maintains continuous Fall/Spring enrollment.  If your enrollment develops a gap, your resident classification will necessarily be re-evaluated as you prepare to re-enroll through the Office of the Registrar.