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Non-Tuition Related Fees

Non-Tuition Related Fees

Yes, what you have heard is true--college does require a substantial financial commitment. But over a lifetime, it's one of the best investments you can make. UNI is consistently ranked among the country's "best buys" in higher education.

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Academic Fees

Applied Music (in addition to tuition)

Group Sessions $57
Instrument Rental $43
Private Lessons Non-Majors (1 Credit Hour) $145
Private Lessons Majors (2 Credit Hours) $290

Extension/Continuing Education

Undergraduate Resident $320
Undergraduate Non-Resident $320-$759
Graduate Resident $509
Graduate Non-Resident $509-$1092
MBA (Domestic) $667
International Courses $449-$1079
Guided Independent Study $253
Technology Fee (per course) $38

Lakeside Lab

Undergraduate $320
Graduate $509

Application Fees

Undergraduate (Domestic) $40
Undergraduate (International) $50
Graduate (Domestic) $60
Graduate (International) $75
Non-Degree Students $40
Re-Entry Fee $20

Billing Fees

Deferred (Fall and Spring) $20
Deferred (Summer) $20


Departmental Credit by Exam $100
Developmental Course Fee $176-$639
Diploma Replacement Fee $25
Employer Reimbursement Deferred $35
Graduation Fee - Late - Graduate Students Only $50
ID replacement $30
Immunization Record Late Fee $30
Late Payment Fee (OBO Bill) 1%
New Student Matriculation $250
Open Credit $639
Undergraduate International Orientation $125

Graduate College Fees

Thesis Fee  $100
Administrative Fees

Registration Fees

Doctoral Post Comp Fee $150
Graduate Continuing Scholar $100
Late Registration Fee Day 11 onward $100

Study Abroad Fees

Academic Year $500
Administrative Fee $100
Non-UNI Sponsored Program $400
One Semester $400
Program Fees (summer) $200


Re-issue Check Fee $30
Returned Check/Debit Fee $30

University Records and Documents Fee (First Enrollment)

Degree Seeking Students $220
Non-Degree Seeking Students $75
Continuing and Distance Education (Graduation/Transcripts) $100