Audit and Credit/No Credit Request

This form is to be utilized by undergraduate students who would like to change a course from a graded basis to an audit basis, or who would like to change a course from graded basis to a credit/no credit basis. The Office of the Registrar will confirm receipt of the request and provide a response once the request has been processed. Questions or concerns may be directed to 319-273-2216 or

NOTE: Graduate Students must complete the Graduate Student Request Form within MyUNIverse to request this change.

Please see our Dates to Observe for more information.

Courses taken on a Credit/No Credit grading basis may not be applied to work required for a major, minor, certificate, the Liberal Arts Core, or UNIFI except with an approved Academic Student Request.

Audit and Credit/No Credit Request

Audit Basis: Students may change their registration to audit basis in the first three weeks of the fall or spring semester. After that, any changes would require signatures from the course instructor and the Office of the Provost. Audit hours are included in the maximum credit hour load a student may take. Students may audit a course, but the tuition and fee assessment will be the same as a course taken for credit.  Audited courses will not be recorded on the permanent record except by a student request approved by the instructor showing that the student regularly attended the course. Audited courses will not be counted towards a student's full-time status.   Note. No upper level (3000-level and above) Accounting courses may be taken without written consent of the department head or director of the MAcc, except ACCT 3090, ACCT 3092/5092, ACCT 3179, and ACCT 6090. 

Credit/No Credit Basis: An undergraduate student having earned twelve semester hours at the University of Northern Iowa, may take courses offered by this institution for which they are otherwise eligible for degree credit without grade under the following conditions:

  1. The course work requirements for a student taking work on an undergraduate basis shall be the same as for a student taking the work on a graded basis. 
  2. A grade of C- or higher is required in a course to receive credit on the "Credit/No Credit" option.
  3. Not more than 22 hours of ungraded course work, in addition to courses authorized to be offered only for ungraded credit, may be taken toward any bachelor's degree.
  4. Ungraded credit may not be applied to work required for a major, minor, or certificate except with the consent of the Head of the Department in which the course is offered.
  5. No course taken on the "Credit/No Credit" option may be applied toward fulfilling a Liberal Arts Core requirement or a UNIFI requirement.
  6. Except for Level 1 Field Experience: Exploring Teaching (TEACHING 2017), Level 2 Field Experience: Teacher as a Change Agent (TEACHING 3128), and for Student Teaching (TEACHING 3132 (280:132) through TEACHING 3140 (280:140) ), ungraded credit may not be used to meet the Professional Education Requirements for the teaching program.
  7. Course work passed without grade (CR=credit) may not be retaken except by special permission of the dean of the college in which the course is offered.
  8. A graded course completed may not be retaken on an ungraded basis.
  9. The credit/no credit system may not be used with Credit by Examination, Extension, or Correspondence (specified as Guided Independent Study at UNI) courses.
  10. Change of registration in a course to or from a non-graded basis may not be made after five class days beyond midterm in a full, academic-year semester, or after the mid-point in the duration of a course taught in a period less than a full, academic-year semester. Only one such change of registration may be made per course.  A graduate student may include up to three credit hours of non-graded graduate course work in the program of study with the approval of the department.
  11. The credit/no credit grading system may not be used in Presidential Scholars Seminars or for the Presidential Scholars Thesis/Project credit.

I have read and understand the policy associated with the grading basis I am requesting.