Voter Registration

The 1998 Higher Education Act requires all postsecondary institutions to make a good faith effort to distribute voter registration information to all students. As a result, we are providing the following information about voter registration. We hope that you find this information to be useful. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Registering to Vote in the State of Iowa

In the state of Iowa, you must be a registered voter before you can vote.

Qualified Registrants in Iowa Are:
  • Citizens of the United States
  • Residents of Iowa
  • At least 17.5 years old (Note. You must be 18 years old by Election Day to vote. This includes the Primary Election)

If you do not meet all of the aforementioned qualifications, you cannot register to vote.

Register to vote online at the Office of the Secretary of State Voter Registration WebsiteAt this website,  you can view the following:

  • Voter Registration Information
  • Election Day Registration
  • Updating Registration Information
  • Restoration of Rights

You may also register to vote, by printing and completing the Official Iowa Voter Registration Form, and returning it to the County Auditor's Office in the county where you wish to vote, or you can send it to the following address:

          Elections Division
          Office of the Secretary of State
          First Floor, Lucas Building
          321 East 12th Street
          Des Moines, IA  50319
          Phone: (515) 281-8849
          Fax: (515) 281-7142

Voters Can Also Register In Person At:
  • Iowa Secretary of State's Office
  • County Auditor's Office
  • Driver's Licence Stations
  • Public Assistance Agencies
  • State Offices Serving People with Disabilities
  • Some City Clerk's Offices and School Board Secretaries' Offices

Registering to Vote Outside of the State of Iowa

If you need information about registering to vote in another state, please refer to the United States Election Assistance Commission website. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher installed on your machine in order to print off the National Mail Voter Registration Form on the website.

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