Office of the Registrar

Academic Calendars

Printable Versions of the Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar (2022-2027)  * NEW: Approved as of November 2021.

Academic Calendar (2018-2025)  Note: This version is as of June 2021; please refer to updated calendar link approved November 2021.

Academic Calendar (2013-2020)

Academic Calendar (2007-2012)

Academic Calendar Guidelines

  • A semester should contain a minimum of 74 scheduled instructional days, plus a final week. The first half and second half of the semester should be approximately of equal length. If not of equal length, the difference should be no more than five (5) days, and the longer half should be schedule in the first half of the semester.
  • Finals Week should begin on a Monday and close on a Friday.
  • Commencement should be scheduled on the Saturday following finals in the fall and spring semesters.
  • The Spring Break should be in conjunction with Cedar Falls/Waterloo School systems. If Cedar Falls and Waterloo are not coordinated, UNI will schedule Spring Break in conjunction with Cedar Falls. The Spring Break need not occur at mid-semester. Spring Break must be the week of the eleventh Monday of the calendar year.
  • The class schedule will begin on Monday with Orientation/Registration to be held on the Friday prior to the start of classes.
  • The approved academic calendar need not apply to special programs. For example: Student teaching, internships, and courses sponsored by Continuing Education and Special Programs.
  • The Thanksgiving Break will be for the full week in which Thanksgiving Day occurs. Classes will resume at 8:00 a.m. on the Monday following Thanksgiving.
  • The fall semester (including final examinations) must end no later than December 21. Commencement would be held no later than December 22.
  • The first instructional day of the spring semester is the second Monday in January.