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Academic Calendars

Printable Versions of the Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar (2022-2027)  * Approved November 2021.

Academic Calendar (2018-2025)  Note: This is an old version is as of June 2021; please refer to updated calendar link approved November 2021.

Academic Calendar (2013-2020)

Academic Calendar (2007-2012)

Academic Calendar Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Maintain 15 weeks of instruction during each semester, with no fewer than 74 days, plus one week of final exams for Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Schedule holidays in accordance with the university's holiday policy and Iowa Code Section.

Fall Semester

  • Start Fall semester on the latest day possible with the following constraints observed:
    • Have a full week break for Fall Break.
    • Hold the last day of final exams no later than December 20.

Winter Session

  • Schedule a 4-week Winter session.
  • Begin Winter session following the end of Fall semester (i.e. after final exams conclude).

Spring Semester

  • Begin classes on the fifth week after the end of Fall semester (i.e. after finals conclude).
    • Note: Generally, classes for Spring semester would begin on the third Tuesday of the calendar year (i.e. the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day); however, in years when Winter Session ends two weeks prior to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Spring semester classes will have to begin on the second Monday of the calendar year.
  • Schedule Spring Break the week of the eleventh Monday of the calendar year.
  • Hold last day of final exams no later than May 17.

Summer Semester

  • Schedule a 12-week Summer semester.
  • Begin Summer semester following the end of Spring semester (i.e. after final exams conclude).

Calendar Principles Approval Review Cycle

  • Principles shall be reviewed by the Registrars of the three universities every five years..


Reviewed and approved by Senate Leadership Council on Monday, October 4, 2021.