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Future Commencement Dates

Future Commencement Ceremony Dates


Click here for a listing of majors by college to determine which ceremony you should participate in.

Important: If you are an Education major at the secondary level, you will graduate with the college of your content area, NOT College of Education (ex. Social Science Teaching would participate in the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences ceremony).

More specific information can be found on the Commencement Information webpage.


*Subject to change; please check back closer to the graduation term to ensure the most accurate information.

Commencement Ceremony

Spring 2023

7:00pm Friday, May 12

College of Business

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

10:00am Saturday, May 13

College of Education

Continuing Education

2:00pm Saturday, May 13 College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences

Fall 2023

10:00am Saturday, December 16 All Colleges

Spring 2024

7:00pm Friday, May 10 TBD
10:00am Saturday, May 11


2:00pm Saturday, May 11


Fall 2024

10:00am Saturday, December 21 All Colleges

Spring 2025

7:00pm Friday, May 16


10:00am Saturday, May 17


2:00pm Saturday, May 17 TBD

Fall 2025

10:00am Saturday, December 20

All Colleges

Spring 2026

7:00pm Friday, May 15 TBD
10:00am Saturday, May 16


2:00pm Saturday, May 16


Fall 2026

10:00am Saturday, December 19

All Colleges

Spring 2027

7:00pm Friday, May 14


10:00am Saturday, May 15


2:00pm Saturday, May 15 TBD