Office of the Registrar

Class Roster Lists

Authorization Levels

Once all employment forms are completed and on file with Human Resource Services, faculty are automatically authorized to access the class rosters of courses that they are the official instructor of record for as reported to our office by the academic department.

Department- or college-level access to class roster information is available to individuals working in department or college offices upon request. Please contact our office via e-mail ( or phone (319-273-2241) to request access to class rosters, and be prepared to indicate the name, department, and title of individuals requesting access.


Electronic class rosters are available in both PDF and Excel format for flexibility in printing and/or downloading.

Types of Class Roster Information Available on MyUNIverse

Electronic class rosters are available to faculty through Faculty Center within their MyUNIverse account.

Initial Class Lists

The official initial class rosters will be available in MyUNIverse after systems processing completes the last working night prior to classes beginning. Any time after that night's processing is completed (typically the Friday evening prior to classes beginning on a Monday), it is possible for faculty to access their own official initial class rosters prior to classes beginning.

Cumulative Registration Changes

Once classes begin, updated registration changes by course are available on a weekly basis (after Wednesday night system processing completes) through the end of the semester. The electronic registration changes report maintains a cumulative record of registration changes for a course for the semester.

Current Class Lists

Current class rosters will be available for a given semester after advance registration for the semester begins through the end of the semester. The current class roster is updated on a nightly basis from the beginning of advance registration through the start of the semester. Once the semester begins, updates occur on a weekly basis in conjunction with the Wednesday evening updates of registration changes. Faculty may use the current class rosters to get a preliminary picture of the enrollment in their courses prior to the official initial class roster being available.

Mid-Term Class Lists

Electronic mid-term class rosters will be created and posted to MyUNIverse for Fall and Spring full-semester courses approximately two weeks prior to the end of the first half of the semester.

Final Class Lists/Grade Sheets

Electronic final class rosters/grade sheets will be created and posted to MyUNIverse for courses for each session of Fall and Spring semesters approximately two weeks prior to the ending date of the session. Summer final class rosters will be created approximately 1 1/2 weeks prior to the ending date of the session.

Class Roster Verification WebForm

In order for our office to correct registration errors, it is important that instructors provide information about discrepancies between their official Class Roster(s) and student attendance. Instructors are asked to compare their Class Roster(s) in MyUNIverse with the students actually attending class. If there are discrepancies between Class Roster(s) and student attendance, they should be noted on the Class Roster Verification WebForm. If there are courses in which students may earn differing amounts of credit, please note this in the "Hours Credit" area of the WebForm. If there are no discrepancies to report, please do not complete the WebForm.

For Additional Assistance

For assistance with MyUNIverse username and password questions, please contact the Service Desk at (319) 273-5555.

For questions for additional assistance with class lists, please contact our office directly via e-mail or phone (319-273-2241).