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Class Roster Verification Form

faculty member and student

In order for our office to correct registration errors, it is important that instructors provide information about discrepancies between their official Class Roster(s) and student attendance. Please compare your Class Roster(s) in MyUNIverse with the students actually attending class. If there are discrepancies between Class Roster(s) and student attendance, please note them on this form. If there are courses in which students may earn differing amounts of credit, please note this in the "Hours Credit" area. If there are no discrepancies to report, there is no need to submit the form. 

Students attending class(es) who are not listed on the Class Roster(s) should be instructed to come to the Office of the Registrar (in person) immediately to resolve their enrollment status.

If you would prefer to submit a paper copy of this form to our office, please navigate to our Forms page.

Please note that these students should be instructed to come to our office (in person) immediately to resolve their enrollment status.
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