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Classroom Reservation Request

The Classroom Reservation Request is utilized by students, faculty, and/or staff who would like to request the use of a general classroom (110 room) for an academic class, such as an additional meeting time, an alternate (or secondary) exam room, a break out room, review sessions, class presentations, or as a space for student organization meetings AND must be sponsored by a University-based department or organization. To see a list of academic buildings, please visit the Classroom Building Names and Abbreviations under the Faculty & Staff tab.

A listing of 110 classrooms and their capacities can be found on this webpage.

For guest speakers, special events, or other large gatherings, please visit Event Management System to reserve non-academic event spaces.

**Please note that the Office of the Registrar will not assign events and meetings for daytime hours (M-F) until the first week of classes.  This is to ensure that all of our academic courses have adequate space**   Expect a delay in processing for all evening and weekend events being scheduled for the following semester.

Events on weekends OR outside of building hours are limited to event spaces and the appropriate office needs contacted:

To seek an exception to utilize a 110 classroom space on the weekend, please submit a Classroom Reservation Request. It will then be forwarded on for approval and you will be notified accordingly.