Withdrawal Procedure

This information only applies to students who withdraw completely from school. Dropping one or more classes does not constitute a withdrawal unless the student drops all classes for which he or she is registered. 

A student who has started attending classes who finds it necessary to withdraw from school initiates the withdrawal through the Office of the Registrar in person or by calling (319) 273-2241. Students living in a residence hall also must cancel their housing contract through the Director of the residence hall where they live. Students with financial aid must contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

A student who has registered but decides not to come to the University of Northern Iowa should advise the Office of the Registrar as early as possible, listing the reasons for withdrawing from the university.

Withdrawal after classes begin will result in a tuition charge. Please refer to the withdrawal schedule for more information about refund percentages and grade assignments.

Policy for Military Personnel Called to Active Duty - Withdrawal and Tuition Refund information:  

If a student (or their spouse if the student has a dependent child) is called to active duty by the Iowa National Guard or the reserve forces of the United States during an academic term, the student will be given an option to have courses dropped or an "I" (Incomplete) grade assigned to each of their courses. This option is available on a course-by-course basis as well as to their entire registration. The assigning of an "Incomplete" is by mutual consent of the faculty member and the student. If the call up occurs late in the term, the faculty member also has the option of assigning a final grade rather than the "I" grade.

Tuition, mandatory fees, and related course fees will be canceled or refunded-in full- for all courses dropped.  Courses in which the grade of "I" or a final grade is assigned will have applicable tuition and course fees assessed.


A. Regardless of the date of withdrawal, the student will be given the choice of dropping the course (s) or  having and "I (incomplete) grades assigned to the course(s).

B. This may be done on an individual course-by-course basis, or for the entire registration.

C. If the student requests an Incomplete (I), the student should be reminded of completion dates and the possibility of an extension in the assignment of the Incomplete grades.

D. If the call up occurs late in the term, faculty members, if they so choose, may assign a final grade for the course.


A. Regardless of when the student withdraws, the student will receive 100% refund of tuition for all dropped courses. Tuition will be charged for courses kept with assigned incomplete or final grades.

B. All individual cases must be coordinated with the Office of Student Financial Aid, the Controller's Office, and the Veterans Certification official in the Office of the Registrar to address any overpayment and other financial considerations with Federal or Veterans Administration funding.


A. Spouses and/or children of affected military personnel may continue to reside in family housing.

If you live on campus, we strongly encourage you to initiate a discussion with the Department of Residence, in particular, we encourage you to speak with your Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) and/or Resident Assistant (RA).