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Non-Tuition Related Fees: Academic

Non-Tution Related Fees and Miscellaneous Charges

Academic Fees:  Academic Year 2012-2013

Title Description Fee
Applied Music These fees are charged to students receiving private music instruction and are in addition to regular tuition.  The fee offsets the costs of one-on-one instruction.  The fee varies depending upon whether the student is a music major or not and if taken for one course or two courses.

Private Lesson (1/2 hour per week): $126

Private Lesson (1 hour per week): $210

Group Voice/Group Piano (groups of 4 or more): $49

Instrument Rental (per instrument): $37

Correspondence Study/Guided Independent Study (per credit hour) Guided independent study is instruction provided remotely in various transmittal formats such as the web, the ICN, WebCT and paper. $218.00
Developmental Course Fees Developmental courses are those whose level of content knowledge is fundamental to beginning level college credit courses.  This fee is tied to the two hours undergraduate resident tuition rate. 
Any credit earned in developmental courses is not applicable to a degree.
Extension Courses/Continuing Education/Workshops
(per credit hour)
Courses offered on a non residential (distance) basis are provided through continuing education.  These credit bearing courses may be at the undergraduate, graduate and/or MBA level.  Such courses may be presented in person, over the ICN or via the Web.

Undergraduate Credit: $278.00

Graduate Credit: $432.00

MBA Credit: $567.00

Lakeside Lab (5 weeks) Lakeside lab is a unique instructional center on the shores of West Okoboji Lake.  Instruction is offered through the University of Iowa at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Undergraduate Credit: $278.00

Graduate Credit: $432.00

Non-Credit Remedial Courses
(in addition to tuition)
Open Credit (per project) Open credit is designed for special projects such as papers, experiments, works of art or portfolio assessment of prior learning.  The fee for each project is tied to the two hour undergraduate resident tuition rate. $556.00
Price Laboratory School Fees
  • Nursery School Program Fee
    • This fee covers the expenses associated with providing a comprehensive educational program for pre-K students.
  • Tuition
    • This fee provides for instructional costs for non-district students who open enroll at Price Lab School.
(per credit hour)

Undergraduate: $278

Graduate: $432

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